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Guanyin porcelain in Ming Dynasty


[category]: porcelain


[quantity]: one piece


Porcelain is the result of long-term production practice and the crystallization of wisdom of the ancient working people in China. It is the pride of our Chinese nation and also a great contribution of our great motherland to the material civilization of mankind. Porcelain sculpture (also known as porcelain carving) is a unique artistic flower in China, which is the general name of the characters, animals or flowers created by the techniques of molding, kneading and carving. The porcelain sculpture of Yue Kiln in the Western Jin Dynasty has reached a high level of art, and its animal shaped utensils have deep and grand features. With the unprecedented development of porcelain manufacturing industry, the art of porcelain sculpture in Tang and Song Dynasties flourished. But at this time, it was mainly to make all kinds of animal and figure shaped porcelain toys. The shapes were more freehand and general, simple and elegant



The development of porcelain sculpture art to Ming Dynasty has entered its perfect period, and Dehua porcelain sculpture in Fujian is the most famous. Song Yingxing of Ming dynasty recorded in "Tiangong Kaiwu" that "Dehua kiln is not suitable for practical use, but for firing exquisite figures and playthings of porcelain immortals." The porcelain sculpture of Dehua kiln is unique in China with its unique white jade like texture and superb art skills.Guanyin, a porcelain sculpture of Ming Dynasty, is a kind of artistic treasure with exquisite carving and lifelike craftsmanship. Artists have successfully used various artistic techniques such as kneading, sculpture, carving, pushing, connecting, repairing, etc., and have successfully mastered the experience of the combination of ceramic modeling and glaze function, the combination of kiln loading and high-temperature baking. Most of the tools they use are made of bamboo, which will not produce iron spots caused by rust stained mud, making them whiter and more flawless, but also can easily carve, cut and polish, making the work beautiful in face, deep in clothing lines and beautiful in outline composition.


Guanyin looks down, looks round, plump, and kind, as if overlooking the world. It has a high bun, a ruyi headdress in the middle, a hood on the head, a long scarf on the body, and a pearl necklace on the chest. His hands are hidden under his clothes. His feet are half exposed and his feet are bent. Its clothing pattern is natural. It reveals the body shape of Guanyin through the flowing pleats.


In particular, the golden spot of Guanyin is like the golden spot of a dragon, which is the most brilliant color in nature, with the shadow of the sun in its luster. It represents warmth and happiness, can shine on the world, radiant charm. Almost any color can be matched with gold, can be harmonious, let people look like a bright, gorgeous visual effect, extremely eye-catching. Moreover, it makes people look very conspicuous, refreshing and fond of gold. It is one of the rare, precious and highly valued metals. And gold is a very value preserving object, and because the physical properties are not easy to erode, the chemical reaction is also very stable. The integration of the two is to increase the vivid form of Guanyin, and its collection value is also greatly improved, which makes people love it.